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WELCOME TO AST Distributor’s

Home of Classic Collection  ®

Re-introducing: Classic Collection ®  |  Timeless Perfumes – Done Properly |  Smell Good – Feel Great

The key to great perfume, like great wine, is simple. Use quality ingredients. Take the utmost care with every step of the process. And finally, let it age until its perfect. That’s what we’ve done with the New Classic Collection ® line of Perfumes.

All our perfume oil is properly sourced from France, with higher concentration, which in turn last longer. The bottles are hand selected and then crafted with caps, which are manufactured in our factory and then metalized to give that extra shine and smooth finish. The etching of the glass, the coloring along with name print, whether in black or white, colored, hot stamping or foil printing is all done under one roof, without the product leaving our premises and finally compose the finished product ourselves, from packaging to master box manufacturing.

Advance production equipment, precise back check instruments, professional workers, senior fragrance mixers brings this company big market share & excellent reputation. Passed MSDS testing for overseas & FDA testing for USA. The result what lets us offer is, timeless fragrances at unbelievable prices, without compromising on quality.